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Mindfully-crafted teas


“Every plant is a teacher. An ally. A bridge.”

- Andrea Lawse, Owner & Founder, Artemis Teas and Botanicals

Artemis Teas' hand-crafted, small-batch Artisan tea blends are created with mindful precision to arouse the senses, stimulate the mind and imagination, and to support vibrant well-being. And, our commitment to total wellness means our teas are good for you, and good for the planet.

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Archetypal Blends

"Archetypal" blends are mindfully-crafted to embody specific archetypal "signatures," or characteristic  energies. These teas both embody and convey the stories these plants have to tell--such as the stories of their origins and habitats, how they have coevolved with humans, how they thrive in our literary and poetic imagination, their herbal energetics, and of course their medicinal qualities. Each blend is formulated to interrelate with us in particular physical, emotional, and energetic ways. Like all blends by Artemis Teas, archetypal teas are crafted to arouse the senses, while stimulating the imagination, and promoting a healing synergy between the plants (herbs) and people that have the potential to be just a little bit transformational.


Ancient Medicine Blends

Ancient medicine blends are designed with both pleasure and wellness in mind. Each blend is carefully crafted to pique the imagination, engage the senses, and satisfy the discerning palate, while providing all of the health benefits of a premium-quality medicinal tea. Artemis Teas believes that delight is absolutely essential to vibrant health. Drink and be well!



Artemis Teas honor and strengthen the interconnections between people and plants. Each tea is crafted to pique both intellect and imagination, arouse the senses, support vibrant well-being, and invite us to remember and revalue the importance of our coevolutionary relationship with the vegetal world.