Artemis Teas Stainless Steel Brew-in-Cup Strainer

Artemis Teas Stainless Steel Brew-in-Cup Strainer


Our handy, durable fine-mesh stainless steel strainer is kind of the bomb when it comes to making a quick and easy, perfect cup of tea anywhere, anytime. Perfect for daily home, office, and café use! Our brew-in-mug strainer comes with an easy-grip silicon rimmed stainless steel lid that helps keep both the heat and aromatic oils found in various botanicals from escaping during steep time. Go ahead and brew your rooibos-based botanic teas with this, too! Condensed, extra-fine holes will keep both your botanicals and tea leaves exactly where they should be, while helping circulate the tea liquor efficiently and evenly. When steep time is up, just flip the lid over, place it on a hard surface, and rest the brewing basket inside to keep drips perfectly contained!

Dimensions: L 4.5" x W 3.625" x H 3.25"

Materials: 18/8 gauge stainless steel. BPA-free. Heat resistant up to 120°C/248°F

Care: Dishwasher-safe, or use baking soda dissolved in warm water to clean tea stains when needed.

(Current lid colors: Yellow and White. We will select a lid for you unless you notify us of a specific preference).

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