Cicada – Vitality Elixir

Cicada – Vitality Elixir

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Ancient Medicine Tea Blend
replenish   rebalance   revitalize

Since ancient times, the Cicada has been revered as an embodiment of the secrets of longevity, while its song or resonate humming was thought to symbolize a creative wellspring of poetry and new life. The emergence of the cicada is a mysterious and almost magical event, as their life-cycles keep them underground anywhere from 2-17 years before they "rise up" from the soil to be "reborn."

Artemis Teas’ new Cicada blend focuses on deep cellular restoration and longevity, or—rebuilding “jing” (life essence). Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the kidneys store this vital essence, and that once these stores are depleted (via chronic stress, over-work, and a variety of excessive habits), the body is more prone to premature aging, fatigue, infertility, and chronic disease. Cicada is formulated to help gently restore kidney jing, balance endocrine function, and counteract premature aging.

Cicada is built upon a luscious high-altitude maofeng green tea that is carefully blended with revitalizing botanicals. The blend has a delicate but refined body, and smooth, slightly sweet finish, with savory notes of butter-lettuce, delicate floral notes of jasmine and white orchid, and a flourish of sweet mint. 

1.8 oz. (50 grams)   Contains caffeine

Brews 20-40 servings

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Ingredients:  Proprietary blend of premium white and green teas,* orange peel,* moringa leaf,* spearmint,* nettle leaf,* chrysanthemum flower,* kombu,* stevia* —
*certified organic

Additional size options listed above. Only 2.82 oz retail option comes in bag pictured. Other sizes come in a kraft bag with a branded label.

Artemis Tea Canister: this 750ml borosilicate glass canister comes with an air-tight, sustainably sourced wooden lid. It holds approx. 3-5oz of tea, depending on the fluffiness of the blend. All canisters come with durable branded labels on the front and back. These make a beautiful addition to any tea-lover’s shelf or counter display! Please keep your tea out of direct sunlight. It is best to use the tea you put in your canister within 2-3 weeks for optimal freshness.