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Archetypal Tea Blend
seduce   enchant   replenish

An enchanting herbal potion crafted to help dispel sadness, restore physical and emotional stamina, and focus restless desire. Sweet and aromatic, with notes of tart raspberry and spice.

Circe blends herbs traditionally used to uplift the spirit, fortify the heart, and restore the nervous system. Damiana and raspberry leaf are known to help tone and strengthen the pelvic and reproductive organs, while shatavari and ashwagandha help balance and restore health endocrine function.

2.82 oz. (80 grams)   Caffeine-free   

Brews 20-40 servings

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Ingredients: Rooibos,* rose petal,* damiana,* shatavari,* ginger,* mullein,* hawthorn leaf and flower,* nettles,* California poppy,* fennel,* horsetail,* honeybush,* red raspberry fruit*— 
*certified organic

**Additional size options listed above. Only 2.82 oz retail option comes in bag pictured. Other sizes come in a kraft bag with a branded label.