Cypress Teapot

Cypress Teapot



Our beautiful, hand-made CYPRESS teapot features a hand-blown borosilicate glass body and strainer, with a sustainably-produced wood lid fitted with an airtight silicone ring to prevent over-cooling and seepage. Borosilicate glass is able to withstand hotter temperatures as well as sudden fluctuations in temperature. It is more durable and shatter resistant than other kinds of glass.

In the world of tea-brewing, glass is an ideal material for steeping tea in, both because its transparency allows the beauty of the tea to be on full display, and because it is taste-neutral: it neither absorbs or exudes any odor, which means it offers one of the most healthy and pure tea-brewing experiences possible! Add to all of this the fact that glass is an ecologically low-impact, recyclable, and reusable material, and what we get is a decidedly outstanding, and uniquely mindful cup of tea!

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