Gastronome – Digestive Tonic

Gastronome – Digestive Tonic

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Ancient Medicine Tea Blend
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A bitter sweet digestif crafted to be its own gustatory event. Gastronome helps soothe the stomach and delight the senses. Notes of cream, cinnamon, coffee, and mint.

Gastronome is a rich and satisfying post-dinner digestive aid that helps regulate blood sugar levels, gently stimulate proper bile and enzyme production for easier digestion, and treat symptoms of food stagnation, such as bloating, cramping, and distention.

3.7 oz. (105 grams)   Contains caffeeine

Brews 15-30 servings

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Ingredients: Peppermint,* coffee bean,* cacao nibs,* wild cherry bark,* sarsaparilla root,* orange peel,* roasted dandelion root,* rooibos,* cinnamon bark,* ginger root,* vanilla bean,* vanilla extract —
*certified organic

 **Additional size options listed above. Only 3.7 oz retail option comes in bag pictured. Other sizes come in a kraft bag with a branded label.