Psyche – Meditation Tea

Psyche – Meditation Tea

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Archetypal Tea Blend
ardor  discovery  union

Psyche shines in contemplative spaces, quiet moments of self-reflection, and when we are mining our hearts for truth. These leaves, blossoms, and berries come together to tell a story about Cupid and Psyche--a story about the Heart and Soul. Psyche possesses a rich, cumulative wisdom of spiritual ripening, beauty, and of love's immortality . . . as damp flowers unfurl, as berries seep their red and purple liquor, as knowing leaves swell and open. 

This tea is an alchemical blend of plant allies who teach us how to lean in to the task of self-discovery and awareness, and to trust in our own strength to accomplish it. Hawthorn and magnolia berries strengthen and balance heart function, white lotus and jasmine flowers nourish Dream and inner Vision, and chrysanthemum helps open the crown chakra, helping to align the heart and mind in single purpose.

Psyche appeases the discerning palate with top notes of muscatel, ripe berry, and chrysanthemum. 

1.9 oz. (54 grams)   Contains caffeine

Brews 20-40 servings

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Ingredients: White tea,* darjeeling,* jasmine blossom,* white lotus,* self-heal,* rose petal,* passionflower,* chrysanthemum,* hawthorn berry,*  magnolia berry,* elderberry*  —
*certified organic

 **Additional size options listed above. Only 1.9 oz retail option comes in bag pictured. Other sizes come in a kraft bag with a branded label.