Stag King – Breakfast Tea

Stag King – Breakfast Tea

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Archetypal Tea Blend
majesty   vigor   sunrise

Majestic and captivating. Stag King evokes the crisp, malty taste of deep forest before sunrise. Notes of chocolate, loam, and wild berries.

Bold and rich, Stag King unites fine, rare tea leaves from protected, ancient tea groves in Yunnan Province, China, with fortifying herbs that help strengthen immunity, teeth, and bones; that help reduce inflammation; and that are emollient to the skin and digestive tract. Stag King makes and outstanding morning and afternoon cuppa--a tea to inspire the courageous heart.

3.82 oz. (80 grams)   Contains caffeine

Brews 20-40 servings

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Ingredients: Fine black tea,* marshmallow leaf,* cacao nibs,* black elderberry,* white oak bark* — 
*certified organic

 **Additional size options listed above. Only 3.82 oz retail option comes in bag pictured. Other sizes come in a kraft bag with a branded label.