Curated by Artemis - Tea Parcel

Curated by Artemis - Tea Parcel

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Monthly tea subscription
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An excellent choice for the curious tea epicure who is interested in both tea and the world of plant medicine. This monthly package includes one curated, standard-sized signature blend, plus 1-3 samples of any of the following: single-origin botanicals; single-origin white, green, black, or oolong teas; exclusive and limited-run new and seasonal blends available only to Curated by Artemis subscribers. Brews 40-80 cups of tea in all, and includes 40 tea filters.


Enjoying Artemis Teas & Botanicals at home, or sharing our extraordinary signature blends with your friends and family has never been easier! Our artisan Tea Parcel is a monthly subscription box shipped right to your door, full of pure, extraordinary signature wellness blends and single-origin teas of exceptional quality, taste, and mouthfeel. Our organic, consciously-sourced teas are medicine for the mind, body, spirit, and taste-buds. We want to make sure you are always well-stocked with the teas you love, as well as thoroughly delighted and inspired!

Why a parcel? Well, parcels harken to time when packages were sent with great care and attention to detail—prepared by hand with intention and love. It’s a special feeling, receiving a unique, hand-crafted piece of mail, and we want you to experience that special feeling, too!