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 Artemis Wholesale


 A mindful approach.

Artemis Teas offers a distinctive, purpose-driven array of artisan botanic teas and tisanes that equally capture the imagination and taste-buds. Our blends are made with premium-quality, expertly curated teas and herbs, with flavor profiles that are rich, beautiful, and captivating. Our ingredients are intentionally sourced, many from partners we know personally, to create an exceptionally crafted product that tends to the wellbeing of plants, planet, and people. All of which are created with your wholesale needs in mind.

Refresh your menu or the office cabinet.

We’re proud to partner with a variety of shops and companies who value wellness, delightful products and the impact they have on their clientele and staff. Our hand-crafted teas bring vitality to menus looking for rich, energizing, and herbal beverage options to workspaces.


“It is great organic tea. It’s made well and it’s made with love. You can taste the difference.” - Illuminating Hearts




Our wholesale relationships are an opportunity for us to support you from the start. We provide simple ways to reorder and a personal touch when you need anything.


Your understanding of tea may range considerably. As we get to know you, we’ll educate you on our process and the benefits each one of our products brings to your customers.


After seeing your space and understanding the Artemis Teas you’ll offer, we’ll provide a variety of signage options and a few helpful tips to take the stress off of your staff.


Create a unique blend.

When your customers deserve a product that no one else can offer, we can help create a custom blend that successfully unites the personality and needs of your business with your vision for a high-quality tea. Let us know if you’d like to know more about our custom blends.


 New to Artemis?

We’d like to offer you a free wholesale variety sampler to introduce you to our hand-crafted teas. Your intentionally curated package will include a few of our herbal tisanes and botanic tea blends that our current partners thoroughly enjoy. Sit back, and let us take care of the tea! Just let us know which are your new favorites after you receive them.

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