Artemis Wholesale

“A good tea brings you all the joy of nature. A good tea lifts your spirits and fills you with enthusiasm.”

– Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties

Delightfully Unexpected

Set your tea menu apart from the rest!

Artemis Teas offers a distinctive, purpose-driven array of artisan botanic teas and tisanes that equally capture the imagination and taste-buds. Our blends are made with premium-quality, expertly curated teas and herbs, with flavor profiles that are rich, beautiful, and captivating.

If your clientele demands a more traditional tea menu, Artemis Teas offers a focused curation of exceptional single-origin, organic white, green, black, and oolong teas. From leaf structure and color, to terroir, taste, and mouthfeel, our select offerings will exceed your expectations and thoroughly delight. Taste the difference that mindfulness—from seed to cup—can make!

Artemis Teas offers free one-on-one brewing education, free signage, local delivery, tea storage, and endless inspiration!

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