Nutriunt – Phytomineral Tonic

Nutriunt – Phytomineral Tonic

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Ancient Medicine Tea Blend
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This beautiful and complex tisane is mindfully crafted to deliver a remarkably nourishing spectrum of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are ideal for the entire family. Rich in potassium, iron, calcium, selenium, zinc, and phytonutrients Vitamin A, C, and B-family vitamins, this blend is restorative to the body, mind, and spirit. Nutriunt particularly treats indigestion; weak blood (weak hair, nails, dull skin, low energy); nervous anxiety and fatigue; colic in infants (via breast milk); sluggish immune function; inflammation; and low milk supply in lactating women. The mamas in your life need this! You need this.

Our family especially loves brewing a big teapot of Nutriunt after dinner, adding a bit of almond cream and local honey to the brew, then either sitting back to enjoy this warm and delicious caffeine-free treat together as we wind down our day; or we curl up together with blankets and a book, and have our tea while reading a story before bedtime.

 1.94 oz. (55 grams)   Caffeine-free

Brews 20-40 servings

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Ingredients: Rooibos,* rose petal,* nettle leaf,* raspberry leaf,* alfalfa,* oat straw,* lemon balm,* blessed thistle,* fennel seed,* fenugreek seed,* anise seed,* rosehips,* stevia leaf* — 
*certified organic

 **Additional size options listed above. Only 1.94 oz retail option comes in bag pictured. Other sizes come in a kraft bag with a branded label.